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Porcelain v Ceramic – Bathroom tiles to suit your budget

Nov 15, 2022 | Blog, News

Porcelain v Ceramic – Bathroom tiles to suit your budget

Tiles can lift a bathroom beyond the ordinary and there are thousands of combinations of colours, shapes and textured finishes to help you achieve your desired mood.

The fun part is deciding what kind of space you want to create. Do you want a bathroom that whisks you away to balmy Tuscany in shades of terracotta and ochre, or one which provides a calming zen-vibe in neutral hues?

But the most important question you need to ask yourself before all of this is probably also the most boring one: How much do I have to spend?

Whether you’re going for all out spa-style luxury, or aiming for maximum impact for minimal outlay, here are a few things to weigh up when planning your bathroom project.

Ceramic versus porcelain is a key consideration when it comes to budgeting for your bathroom.

You can pick up good ceramic tiles for as little as £20m2 and you’re unlikely to find anything pricier than around £50m2. On the other hand, you’ll struggle to find a good quality porcelain tile for less than £30m2, while prices for higher end designs can be as much as £130m2.

That said, choosing machine-made ceramic tiles will bring their cost closer to that of porcelain designs.

Porcelain slabs offer better durability and water resistance, so are particularly well suited to bathroom floors and shower areas. If you can afford the extra outlay at the outset, they’ll deliver value for money in the long term.

But if your budget is tight, then in most cases ceramic tiles will fit the bill. Also, don’t rule out using a combination of both, selecting cheaper ceramic tiles for areas where their visual impact is more important than their practical use.

Larger tiles might have a higher price tag per tile, but bear in mind that you’ll need far less of them and smaller tiles are potentially more labour-intensive when it comes to installation. It pays to go for slabs if you’re on a budget.

It’s also worth considering that porcelain tiles are harder to cut. If your project requires tile cutting, factor in potential extra time and labour costs.

Finally, remember that the quality of modern tiling technology means that natural materials such as marble or wood can be replicated in porcelain and ceramic – so whether your bathroom project is low-cost or luxury, you need never compromise on style.

porcelain and ceramic tiles

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